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1.The company’s purpose and values:

We have launched an online gaming platform for the sharing economy. The main purpose is to train players to become dealers with marketing and promotion capabilities. They no longer just spend money to store value, but can make money every day. We give 90% of the profits from customers’ stored value back to the seventh-level dealer channel. Once you join this platform, you become the boss and have 24-hour professional team for full support. Through the game challenge mode, you can collect all accumulated bonuses at once after a successful challenge. Distributors are trained to market on social media through promotional codes, providing support so that you and your distributor channel can make money every day. We are a 100% legal online gaming company, not an ordinary illegal gambling company. You can successfully challenge each level without depositing money during the game. There are also many competitions. It is a good business worth investing your time in. You can rest assured. Marketing promotion.

In addition, regarding social responsibility, we want to actively give back to the society and provide many jobs with guaranteed wages for employees who are willing to work part-time in the company. There are no time and location restrictions. You can work with just a mobile phone. The content of the work The requirements are simple and easy to achieve. You can receive salary every day. We hope to create a lot of employment and bring happiness to everyone. We know that stable salary is one of the important pillars of employees’ lives, so we insist on providing each employee with a competitive fixed salary. This is not only an affirmation of the hard work of our employees, but also our commitment to the company’s long-term and stable development. We believe that only when employees feel salary stability can they devote themselves to work and contribute to the development of the company. In addition, we not only focus on salary levels, but also on providing a good reward system for employees. We provide a variety of training and development opportunities to help employees continuously improve their abilities and values ​​and achieve personal career success. In our company, you are not only the beneficiary of a stable salary, but also a partner who receives all-round support and development. We look forward to working with you to create a better future together!

2. Company background and history:

We are an online game company with a rich history and outstanding achievements. We have been committed to developing and publishing high-quality online games, which are deeply loved and recognized by players around the world. The founders of our company are a group of young people who are passionate about games. They founded this company with their love for games and innovative thinking. In the past few years, we have not only made major breakthroughs in game development, but also established a professional game team with rich game development experience and deep technical foundation. Not only have our games made huge strides in gameplay and visuals, they’ve also won numerous awards and critical acclaim, becoming the best in the industry. Our company adheres to the concepts of innovation, quality and user first, constantly innovates, strives to create more popular game works, and provides a better gaming experience for the majority of players. In the future, we will continue to work hard to maintain excellent quality, constantly surpass ourselves, and become one of the world’s leading online gaming companies.

3. Game products and features

Our game products cover a wide range of genres, and each game incorporates rich content and unique game mechanics to provide players with a diversified gaming experience. Our games not only focus on players’ visual and auditory enjoyment, but also on gameplay and interactivity, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game world. Our game features constant innovation and breakthroughs. Our R&D team constantly explores new gameplay and story backgrounds, and is committed to bringing players an unprecedented gaming experience. We also value the opinions and suggestions of players and constantly optimize game content to ensure the continuity and playability of the game. In addition, our games also focus on sociality and have designed rich multiplayer game modes and social functions, allowing players to play with friends, explore the game world together, and build in-game friendships. We are committed to becoming players favorite game brand and constantly launching high-quality games to bring more fun and surprises to players.

4. Team and talent introduction:

Online gaming companies attach great importance to teams and talents. Our team is composed of a group of passionate and creative professionals. Our team includes game developers, designers, marketing experts, and customer service staff, all of whom have extensive industry experience and expertise. Our team is committed to providing players with the highest quality gaming experience, constantly innovating and making breakthroughs, and injecting new vitality and power into the company’s development.

Our team has rich game development experience and profound technical background. They are proficient in various game development tools and technologies and can develop high-quality game products quickly and efficiently. Our designers have extensive design experience and creativity and are able to design attractive game interfaces and character designs. Our marketing experts can develop effective marketing strategies to increase your game’s visibility and market share. Our customer service staff are enthusiastic and thoughtful and can answer players’ questions and resolve their confusions in a timely manner to ensure that players can play the game smoothly.

Our team will continue to work hard to continuously improve their professionalism and work efficiency and contribute to the development of the company. We believe that with such an excellent team, our company will achieve greater success and become the most respected and trusted game company in the minds of players.

5. Technology and R&D strength:

Our online gaming company has strong technology and R&D capabilities, which is one of the keys to our success. Our technical team consists of a group of professional technicians with rich game development experience and deep professional knowledge. We continue to introduce the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc., to continuously optimize game performance and enhance game experience. Our R&D team is committed to exploring new gameplay and story backgrounds, constantly innovating, and bringing players an unprecedented gaming experience. We focus on the playability and interactivity of the game and constantly optimize the game content to ensure that players can enjoy a smooth and stable gaming experience. In addition, we also have strong resources and technical support to cope with a large number of players coming online at the same time and ensure the stable operation of the game.

Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading online gaming companies, bringing more high-quality games to players so that they can enjoy the best gaming experience. In terms of games, we use FTR.GAMEING technology cooperation from Anguilla. Anguilla’s entertainment brand not only leads the global game industry, but is also the designated brand for international players. Therefore, in terms of technology, Anguilla’s game software still plays an important role. Anguilla’s unique creativity and innovative services have attracted the attention of the game industry, and many industries are looking forward to establishing cooperative relationships with Anguilla. FTR GAME was established in Anguilla in 2010 with a capital of USD10,000,000. It has 35 branches around the world and approximately 2,000 employees. FTR GAME’s online game products are currently deployed in 195 countries around the world. The number of registered members has reached more than 15 million, and it is growing rapidly every day.

6. User service and feedback:

Our online game company attaches great importance to user service and feedback, and is committed to providing players with the highest quality services and the most considerate feedback mechanism. We have a professional customer service team that is online 24 hours a day to answer various questions from players and solve their confusions. Whether it is game operation or technical issues, we will respond promptly to ensure that players can play the game smoothly. In addition, we also focus on collecting players’ opinions and suggestions to continuously improve our products and services. We have a dedicated feedback channel. Players can give us feedback through email, forums or social media. We will listen carefully and make improvements as soon as possible. We believe that users’ opinions and suggestions are the driving force for our continuous progress, and we will continue to improve to bring players a better gaming experience. In addition, we also regularly hold various activities and promotions to give back to players and let them feel our sincerity and sincerity. We hope that through these measures, we can establish a good relationship with players, jointly promote the development of the game industry, and allow more players to enjoy the fun of games.

7.Social responsibility and future prospects:

Our online gaming company is well aware of the importance of social responsibility and actively participates in social welfare undertakings. We will use 1% of our after-tax surplus every month for charity, support various environmental protection and charity activities, and strive to create a better society. We also pay attention to the healthy growth of teenagers and provide support for their growth and development by organizing various educational activities and health promotion activities. In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of social responsibility, actively participate in various public welfare undertakings, and make greater contributions to society. At the same time, we will continue to work hard to develop more high-quality game products to bring more surprises and happiness to our players. We hope to become the most trusted and favorite game brand among players and make greater contributions to the development of the game industry.

8. Dealer Instructions

What is a formal dealer? You must be a formal member who has reached the fifth level to be eligible.

We are a platform-sharing game company. The company returns 90% of each stored value amount to the distribution channels. The company strives to provide an opportunity for people who are determined to start a business and actively want to make money to create passive income in the simplest way. In order to increase mutual trust, all income is received every other day without any risk. As long as you have access to the Internet and use social media, you can make money with just a mobile phone. I believe you are the dealer we are looking for. If you can’t act immediately if you are tempted, you can make money on the platform every day and improve your quality of life.

Our dealer plan has seven levels. Each level has a different bonus ratio and a corresponding number of people. As long as you find a few downlines to recharge, they will automatically help you make money. You only need to come every day. Just care about your income and receive it to create perfect passive income

9.Contact us:

If you have any questions or suggestions about our games or our company, please feel free to contact us through 24-hour online customer service. We look forward to establishing a good cooperative relationship with you and jointly promoting the development of the game industry. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you and answer your questions. We look forward to establishing a good cooperative relationship with you, jointly promoting the development of the game industry, and allowing more players to enjoy the fun of games!

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